CDVD - Food for Thought (2 disks)
CDVD - Food for Thought (2 disks)
CDVD - Food for Thought (2 disks)

CDVD - Food for Thought (2 disks)

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SKU: 0802-065 | CDVD - Food for Thought (2 disks)
Food for Thought, a special series on Lent produced by Fountain of Grace, seeks to explore the meaning of food and faith during Lent. As we prepare to commemorate Christ's passion, death and resurrection, it is hoped that through the medium of food we would be inspired to reflect and think about Lent. Each episode of Food for Thought will introduce a dish related to a topic connected to Lent. As we learn to cook these delicious dishes, let's prepare ourselves spiritually for the coming of Easter. Alleluia!
Length: 8 episodes in 120 minutes | Language: Cantonese | Subtitles: Chinese / English

Disc One
1. Potato Pancake
2. Salmon Pie
3. Macaron
4. Fig Salad and Hummus
Disc Two
5. Fish Assam
6. Pot-roasted Lamb Shoulder
7. Hot Cross Bun
8. Easter Meatloaf
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